Bollywood Released A Remake Of Sayonee & Is This A Call To War?

sayonee remake bollywood
Source: Twitter/Lyricsbull

Bollywood never gives up a chance to copy our classics and ruin them while confidently boasting how good “content” they’ve produced.

In today’s news, Bollywood released a remake of Sayonee in Arijit Singh’s voice and no please you don’t have to listen to the abomination.

The nation demands from Imran Khan to take prompt action against this offence.

We can tolerate every BS thrown at us but how dare you mess with Sayonee?

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I mean why? Who gave the idea? Why was this acceptable?

Where have all their lyricist gone?

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Please start minding your own business!

Bhai last I remember, we’re not even friends?!

Only Ali Azmat can do Ali Azmat. This is the rule of the world!

Is this some sort of pop culture war that they’ve started or what?

It’d be great to know that it was just a prank!

If you’re a fan of our classics, just appreciate and enjoy as the are. Why ruin them for everybody, duh?

Here’s the masterpiece to cool you down if you’re still outraged!

What are your thoughts on the remake of Sayonee? Share in the comments below!