Age Is Just A Number, Proves Abdul Waheed By Winning Gold At World Bodybuilding Championship

Abdul Waheed bodybuilder
Image Source: The News

The sixty-year-old, bodybuilder, Abdul Waheed has proved through his sheer strength and consistent attitude that age is just a number. He’s a living example of the quote: you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

Through his undeterred will to achieve anything and everything, the Pakistani bodybuilder won a gold medal in the 50+ category on the International Bodybuilding and Body Sports activities’ championship in Tashkent. 

Waheed, who is famously known as Ustad jee and Baba jee, aspires to make a name for Pakistan at the international level. Despite being old, Baba jee trains for hours at stretch and he can give any young man a run for his money. He even picks up more weight than the younger lot and challenges himself to increase the number every day.

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Ustad jee, however, did not pick up the sport at a young age.

“I opened a health club in 1994, but I didn’t start regular bodybuilding until I was 40, and I only started competing in the last 10 years,” Waheed explained.

The sixty-year-old has many titles under his name that includes the titles of Mr. Lahore then Mr. Punjab, and now has Mr. Pakistan. Last but not the least, he has recently won a gold at a championship in Tashkent as well.

Abdul Waheed – the bodybuilder does not just do it for himself or for the sake of fitness only. He believes in fitness for everyone and out of that spirit, he has established a club that entertains the youth of Pakistan. He charges a minimal fee for the club membership and even pays out of his pocket for those who can’t afford it.

“I want to work for the youth and if I live up to 100 years and have the courage, I will continue doing so,” said Waheed.

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