Fans Ask Asim Azhar To Announce It Already As He Denies Engagement Rumors In A Clarification Tweet

Asim azhar engagement
Image Source: ProPakistani

Recently, Asim Azhar rubbished rumors of his engagement to newly emerging model, Meerub Ali, as there was news floating about the same.

As media houses went crazy speculating the alleged relationship, a screenshot of the singer’s conversation went viral on social media. In the image, the text revealed Azhar’s conversation with a person where he clearly denied the rumors of his engagement with Ali.

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It was an Instagram message, where Asim requested his fan to not spread rumors about him and Ali like that as it could affect his family and friends. “She’s [Merub] a really good family friend of mine, I consider her just like my sister and I request you to please remove the posts portraying wrong messages,” it read.

Asim Azhar screenshot
Image Source: Instagram

However, there’s a twist to it!

Asim Azhar took to social media to dispel the rumors himself, but not about what you think. He didn’t deny the rumors of his engagement, he only called the screenshot ‘FAKE!’

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“The screenshot floating around of my chat with a fan is FAKE. I request all to not spread it any further,” the singer wrote, clearly denying the conversation with his fans.

Azhar assured everyone that if anything happens in his life, he will directly make an announcement.

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This got his fans thinking and talking ke daal mein kuch tau kala hai. Moreover, they asked him to announce it already and stop giving his fans mini heart attacks.

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