Answer These Random Questions To Know If You’re Rabi From “Nand” Or Nisha From “Jalan”

minal khan

Which Minal Khan character is your vibe?

Your go-to emoji to praise someone:

fire emoji
love emoji

Your sibling just cleared the CSS exam, what's your reaction?

How do you go about your life decisions?

minal khan

What's the quality you look for most in a partner?

minal khan

What type of sister are you?

minal khan areeba habib nisha misha jalana

Who are you?

minal khan

How would your friends describe you?

Answer These Random Questions To Know If You're Rabi From Nand Or Nisha From Jalan

minal khan rabi nand

You're the kind selfless soul who will be there for everyone. You are a forgiving person. One thing that you might want to change about yourself is that you easily get under pressure, handing your life decisions to others.

minal khan nisha jalan

You just don't care what people think and continue to do whatever makes you happy. You're always ready to achieve what you love no matter what cost it comes at, often landing yourself in trouble.

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