Pakistanis From Both Sides Of The Political Divide Cheer Altaf Hussain’s Arrest In London

Altaf Hussain's Arrest In London
Source: PakistanTribe

As per news reports founder of MQM, Altaf Hussain has been arrested in London on charges of inciting hate and violence in his speeches.

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While the information surrounding the circumstances of his arrest is still pouring in Pakistanis have already begun celebrating.

Unlike the polarized views of Pakistani citizens on Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari’s detentions, Altaf Hussain’s arrest in London is being hailed by people on both sides of the – oh so great! – political divide.

This guy has a Game of Thrones analogy that SO fits the situation of Pakistani politicians right now!

PTI supporters are seeing it as a huge victory…even though – and don’t mind my saying this but someone has to – PTI actually had nothing to do with Hussain’s arrest because…

…It’s all JUNE’s doing! šŸ˜‚ Lame joke, I know šŸ˜›

While the rest of the country is excited about Altaf Hussain’s arrest in London, Karachites are rejoicing for entirely different reasons!

On a more serious note…

Altaf Hussain’s ability to plunge Karachi into violent chaos had progressively been diminishing since 2013. However, the fact that he was still at large left an uneasy specter looming over Karachites.

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With today’s arrest – provided that it sustains and he is not set free – Pakistanis seem to have been granted a wish that they made some three decades ago.

If Hussain is tried and found guilty, it would also set an important precedent for those who incite violence against innocent citizens from the comfort of their foreign abodes.