Allama Nasir Madni Was Kidnapped & Beaten Brutally & It’s Enraging

nasir madni
Source: 24 News HD

On Tuesday, unidentified kidnappers abducted Allama Nasir Madni and tortured him brutally.

According to the popular cleric Nasir Madni, he was abducted over his speeches and then beaten brutally.

Allama Nasir Madni, who has a huge following on social media websites, held a press conference shortly after the incident.

Along with his lawyers, he came to the Lahore Press Club and showed marks of violence clearly visible on his body to the reporters.

He told that he was kidnapped when he was on his way to attend a ceremony near Kharian.

The famous cleric further reported that he was tortured and was forced to share the password of his YouTube channel.

As per the details, he was taken to a private place where his captors filmed him naked. They threatened him to take his life if he reported the incident to the media.

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Madni added that the abductors were referring to his recent video on the coronavirus and his criticism against those who trap people in the name of fake treatment.

He appealed Prime Minister, Army Chief, Chief Justice and the law enforcing agencies of Pakistan to take action against this brutality.

Pakistanis are also raising their voice in support of the popular cleric!

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