A Multan Court Sentenced Junaid Hafeez To Death On Blasphemy Charges & Pakistanis Are Seriously Not Having It!

Junaid Hafeez blasphemy
Source: Dawn

Junaid Hafeez, former university lecturer, who was accused of blasphemy charges, was arrested in March 2013. On Saturday, he was sentenced to death for blasphemy by a district and sessions court in Multan.

In an emotionally charged society, that is Pakistan, we have seen examples where even an accusation is enough to destroy someone’s entire life.

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Even if we consider Junaid Hafeez’s case, it is of no shock that the first lawyer, Rashid Rehman, who agreed to represent him was shot dead in 2014.

Amnesty International said the verdict was “a gross miscarriage of justice” and described it as “extremely disappointing and surprising.”

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But human rights organizations are not the only ones gravely upset with the verdict. Pakistanis at large are standing in solidarity with Junaid Hafeez demanding justice for him and his family.

Mahira Khan, called out the incumbent government stating that people associated “Hope. Faith. Change” before electing them to hold the office.

This girl quoted President Dr. Arif Alvi’s tweet that mentioned “Pakistan is a country of hospitable people” to remind him to “look into injustices perpetrated on their people.”


People are enraged over Imran Khan tweeting about “Hindutva Supremacist fascist ideology of India” when his own country sentenced “a young man over false blasphemy charges.”

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This girl brought to light the lawyers and doctors’ case whose suspects “can get released by court” but an innocent man gets sentenced over “a fake blasphemy case.”

People are infuriated and saying that “there’s no difference between the mob lynching Mashal (Khan) and the courts sentencing Junaid.”


The decision has created a colossal uproar online demanding justice for Junaid Hafeez.

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