Remembering Farhad Humayun Through His Music

Farhad Humayun
Image Source: YouTube

Farhad Humayun – ace musician and frontman of the popular Pakistani rock band, Overload, passed away in the morning on Tuesday, the band’s official social media page announced in a Facebook post today.

The magnificent Farhad Humayun left us for the stars this morning. Stoic in the face of challenges, uncompromising in his values, generous to a fault, witty as hell! Fadi was far too ahead of his time, both in spirit and art. He would want us to celebrate his life, so we request his family, friends, and fans to honor him and say a prayer for him today, the post read.

The cause of his death was not revealed but the musician was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2018, and he was seeking medical help for it from the “world’s greatest surgeon.”

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Indeed, death is inevitable and everyone will die eventually, but a young and sudden death is always shocking and hard to believe, so we at Bolo Jawan will cherish his life through the music he created.

Neray Aah – Coke Studio version

In season 5 of Coke Studio, produced by Rohail Hyatt, the Overload frontman created absolute magic with his vocals in Neray Aah. With his powerful voice, he took the notes up a notch, and ooh, “zalma vay,” what a song it was!

I vividly remember being hooked to it for weeks, despite not understanding a word of the song. As someone who absolutely loves rock music, I played this gem on repeat for days one end, and let me be honest, I’m still not over it.

Batti – Overload

This song came out during the days load-shedding was a regular thing in Pakistan, and damn was it relatable.

Even if batti wasn’t there, this song provided relief in the darkest of times, lol, quite literally. Thank you, Farhad Humayun for giving us “Batti aye ya na aye, hamara dhol baje ga.”


Listen to this one for Humayun’s perfect drumming skills only! Man, such kamaal music!

Thank you Farhad Humayun for creating such stellar music, you shall forever be remembered through it! Rest in peace.