5 Reasons Why I’m Having Trouble Believing That The Allama Iqbal Statue In Lahore Was Made By Maalis

Allama Iqbal statue Lahore
Image Source: Geo Tv

After much hue and cry on social media around the badly crafted Allama Iqbal statue in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) announced that the statue will be taken down and reinstalled once improvements are made.

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Once the statue drew ire from social media, some gardeners who worked at the park came forward to state that the sculpture was built by them out of their love for the national poet, and that they wanted to pay a tribute to him.


However, this whole fiasco raised some questions in my head while I had a hard time processing the ‘suggested truth.’

1. If this is true then why can’t we have a BTS of the whole process? I know they’re not the richest people in the world but I believe they could get their hands on any smartphone to record the process and would have definitely wanted to document it too, right?


2. In any establishment, especially government owned establishments, no gardeners have this much authority to take up a project on their own. So like who gave them this permission?

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3. Moreover, the video suggests that they used their own resources to make this sculpture. But, then again, how did they gather the funds to make this come to life?

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4. Why couldn’t the government hire skilled sculptors to make this? After all it’s Allama Iqbal, FGS! Or did they do it voluntarily? If yes, Q.2 pops up again in my head!

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5. How did they even get this idea to make a statue of Allama Iqbal in a park in Lahore out of the leftover raw materials? Or like, who gave them this idea? So much confusion!!!

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