4 Women Besides Meesha Shafi Who Accused Ali Zafar Of Sexual Harassment In 2018

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When Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment on 19 April 2018, a number of other women also came forward with their stories which further shed doubt on Ali’s denial of the accusations.

Humna Raza, a blogger lent her support to Meesha and wrote that she believed her because she also went through something similar.


She took to Twitter and shared that she had met Ali Zafar at a public event once. Being a huge fan, she was very excited to see him and decided to take a selfie with the star. It was when she stood next to Zafar for a selfie that she felt his hand go up her waist.

Humna wrote in her post that she had been lying to herself and making excuses for the singer but after Meesha came forward with the allegations, she knew she had to speak up.

Leena Ghani, a painter also came forward in support of Meesha and tweeted her personal story related to the sexual harassment allegation.

Leena alleged that Ali Zafar, whom she knew personally, would pass objectifying and vulgar comments. She had hoped that he would never hold her too tight or move his hands up and down her waist.

The third one to allege Ali Zafar of sexual harassment was a journalist Maham Javaid who recounted the story of her cousin.

She narrated a story from 2004-2005 when Ali Zafar allegedly pulled her cousin in the restroom and tried to kiss her. As per Maham’s account, her cousin’s friends saw what was going on and intervened by pushing Ali away.

Sofi was another woman who accused Zafar but recently she retracted her statement saying the accusation was based on false information.


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Sofi had tweeted in 2018 that a girl whom she had sent to the airport to liaison with Ali had returned complaining that Ali kept touching her back and moved too close for comfort throughout the time she was with him.