4 Times Ali Gul Pir Was Downright Savage In His Viral Videos

Ali Gul Pir viral videos
Image Source: Instagram

Ali Gul Pir has been using rib-tickling humor in his viral videos to poke fun at some of the trending situations in Pakistan for quite some time now. Therefore, we decided to list down some our favorites ones out of all of them. But, before we head on to the list, we have to say, this man is pure savage.

Here’s a list of Pir’s 4 comedy sketches that made almost every Pakistani go rolling on the floor laughing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Parody of Nida Yasir asking questions about F1 racing

A five-year-old interview of Nida Yasir recently made rounds on social media, where the morning show host was seen asking some of the most bizarre questions about F1 racing from students of NUST. This clip generated some hilarious memes on Twitter, but Ali’s take on the interview definitely got the cake.

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The impersonation, the acting, the exaggerated expression just make everything so epic, haha!

2. A dig at Cannoli owners

Well, who doesn’t remember this elitist incident where a video of the cafe owners making fun of their employee for speaking broken English went viral on social media. Many social media users pointed out that this act was downright derogatory. So, the Wadere ka beta crooner, being the advocate on social issues took to his platforms to take a dig at the owners. He collaborated with George Fulton and Akbar Chaudhry for this video.

Major LOL at cafe Sohail fast food!

3. Parody of Mawra Hocane dismissing street harassment in Lahore

We know how harassment is a big issue in Pakistan that makes women fear heading out of their homes. However, actor Mawra Hocance completely nullified the crime by comparing it with Lahori fun.

So, how could Ali Gul Pir not intervene?

4. Parody of the man who explained how Nawaz Sharif made the nuclear bomb

A video of an unidentified went viral on social media where he explained how former PM, Nawaz Sharif made the nuclear bomb. The man kept a stoic face throughout the interview when he gave a breakdown of the events that led to the invention.

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