5 Dramas to Watch in Honour of Sohail Asghar’s Memory

5 Dramas to Watch in Honour of Sohail Asghar's Memory
Source: Express Tribune

On November 13th, veteran actor Sohail Asghar passed away after battling from a prolonged illness. He is fondly remembered by his colleagues for his talent and for his stellar performances. He began his career as a radio artist and later in the 90s, he became an acclaimed actor of Pakistan’s television industry. He is known for his acting techniques and the ability to deliver his own lines without a script!

Sohail Asghar will always be a name to reckon with in the television industry of Pakistan and so, here is a look at his 5 dramas that are a must watch!

1. Housefull (PTV)

Released on PTV in 1985, this drama talks about the some of the most typical ways in which children are raised in the country. Asghar plays the role of a patriarch in his family. He is a thorough delight as a carefree father who worries about his daughter’s future yet wastes time in idle talk with his friends. The way he converses with his onscreen wife is extremely funny. His comedic timing is spot on and there’s no way you can forget about him after watching this play i.e. available on YouTube.

2. Aloa

This is a serial that should be watched again these days because the humour is just that good. Alao involves some of the best actors of the time like Munawar Saeed, Madiha Gohar and Nabeel. Asghar is amazing in his scenes with Munawar Saeed. This drama is a must-watch and it is also available on YouTube.

3. Khuahish (PTV)

In one of is most memorable roles, Sohail Asghar proves why he is an actor that must be remembered. The cast includes some of the most popular names of the era like Seemi Raheel, Abid Ali etc. Asghar is shown as a member of a circus group. He eventually runs into loss and portrays sadness and anguish in a manner i.e. both captivating and heartbreaking.

4. Laag (PTV)

Sohail Asghar was extremely good at playing characters that were neither black nor white. In this serial titled, Laag while portraying the character of Kaku Laga, Asghar shows fully how such characters can be brought to life on the television screens. Released in 1998 on PTV, Laag is a crime thriller set in Azad Kashmir. Asghar’s Kaku Laga is very unique, in his mannerism. His character was one of the reasons why this series became a hit in the 90s.

5. Aap Ki Kaneez (GEO)

Not exactly one of his most memorable dramas in the list, but Sohail Asghar is fun to watch in Aap Ki Kaneez which depicts the tale of a rich but strict widower who ends up marrying a woman from the lower-class. While the drama isn’t that interesting in comparison to some of his earlier works, Asghar still manages to impress with his role as Maali Baba. His character as the family gardener is both hilarious and interesting. His character shines the most, even when the drama becomes mundane.