16 Of The Most Creative Slogans To Come Out Of The Aurat March 2021

Aurat March slogans
Image Source: Twitter

As Women’s Day was celebrated across Pakistan, scores of men, women, children, and members of gendered minorities took to the streets for the Aurat March 2021. They raised their voices against the decades-long patriarchal oppression against women and their subjection to violence. While the attendance was relatively lower than the previous years’ Aurat March; Pakistanis were high-spirited as we saw some tremendously creative slogans at yesterday’s marches.

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Here we bring some of the best slogans to come out of the Aurat March for you.

A jab at probably one of the most ardent supporters of the Anti-Aurat March, the playwright, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar.

While the whole world is striving to produce the best vaccine for the novel coronavirus, this one is asking the right question: patriarchy has been there for centuries, yet we still haven’t found a vaccine for it?

COVID times call for COVID posters!

The world is going places and we’re still stuck here fighting for our basic rights; is it really 2021?

This one slogan was for all the people who don’t bat an eye when the weaker genders are subjected to injustice and violence, but immediately have an issue when they try to speak up for themselves.

One of the participants quite interestingly expressed her displeasure over the nasty practice of catcalling.

This one aptly explains the sheer horror of walking home alone. The time of the day doesn’t really matter.

Probably one of the most creative slogans to come out of the Aurat March.

Amen to that!

Some against the prevalent misogyny.

And we also saw a proud feminist family!


What were some of your favorite posters from the Aurat March? Let us know in the comments.