10 Things You Can Relate To If You’re Among The Popular Kids At University

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University is a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together for the purpose of completing their higher education, well, most of them do. You might’ve heard many people say that university life is the best time period of your whole lifetime, agree to disagree. Nonetheless, it is one of the major episode in your life story and if you’re one of the popular kids at university, life just gets a whole lot easier. So if you’re one of the privileged lot, these are the things you’ll surely relate to.

1. Everyone knows who you are


Whether you’re in the café or in the front yard or in the hallways, everyone will know your name and know who you are. You’ll be met with greetings from everyone, whether it’s a senior or a freshman, they know that you’re the one they need to get acquainted with.

2. The go-to person for all the professors


When it comes to professors seeking out help regarding any matter, you’re always the one they come looking for. If they need someone for their seminars or need some help from the outside world or if they’re looking for some helping hand with their assignments, no matter what the task is, you’re always gonna be the first person they call

3. You’re a part of almost every society


From the Sports Society to the Debating Group, you have your fingers dipped everywhere. It doesn’t mean that you do any of the work, you’re just a part of every group because everyone wants you in their team.

4. Attendance is never an issue


Whether you tell them or not, your classmates know that they have to mark your proxy. Even the professors wont mark you absent because then where would they go when they need any help if they mark you absent.

5. Café is your mom’s kitchen


No cash, no issue coz the café’s owner is on such good terms with you that you don’t have to pay him every time you take something. He’ll just note it down in his register that you owe him that much money which he’ll never get.

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6. The Event Planner


Your university is having a musical night or a literary festival, doesn’t matter, you’re the one who’s gonna plan it to perfection and take all the plaudits when the time comes.

7. Freeloader


These popular kids don’t need any money to feed themselves, just grab a shy looking junior and tell him to grab you a plate of biryani. That poor soul will go to the café, with his tail tucked between his legs, and come up with whatever you wished for.

8. Host at every Seminar


If it’s not specifically conducted for a separate semester, then you’re always the one hosting these seminars and conventions. You have that sort of enigma and charm to yourself that comes out ten times stronger when you’re introducing the special guest at that convention.

9. Never did an Assignment during the whole degree


That one person in the group project who never does any work, that one student who always asks others to do his/her assignments. Yep, that’s you. You don’t have to do anything; your assignments will magically be placed in your hands by some nerdy student.

10. Face of the University


When the time comes for the Annual Prospectus of the university to be issued, you’re always on the cover page under the word “Excellence”. On the website and on the billboards, your face goes hand in hand with the university name.