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Recap: 5 Defining Moments of The U.S Presidential Campaign

5 moments that defined elections 2016video
While the U.S presidential elections are always held amid a lot of global fanfare, this year’s presidential race has particularly attracted an unprecedented amount...

Trailer Out: The Glassworker – Pakistan’s First Hand Drawn Anime Movie

The Glassworkervideo
The last couple of years have been an exciting time for films and filmmakers in Pakistan. With an influx of new filmmakers trying their...

Citizens Dub Ayesha Mumtaz’s Removal from Her Post as National Shame

Ayesha Mumtaz
Ayesha Mumtaz, who became a household name in Pakistan following her raids and consequent closure of high end restaurants that didn’t comply with standards...

All That is Wrong With This Viral Video

Viral Video FC Guard slaps female journalis
Last evening a video where a FC guard slapped a female reporter went viral. While some people are sharing it to express their disbelief, other...