Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Areebah Shahid
A doting mother. An apologetic idealist; knows world peace and absolute emancipation from human suffering are impossible to achieve but believes in miracles! :) HUGE movie buff!! Occasionally tweets @AreebahShahid

Ensuring Human Security in a Globalized World

Increasing global interconnectedness has created a crisis of human security that demands the formulation of strategies that transcend national boundaries.
On the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize, 100 Nobel laureates signed a public statement on human security pointing out: “It is time to turn...

Dance Kahani Comes with a Refreshing Concept

Dance Kahani, Pakistan's First Dance Themed Film
Dance Kahani, touted as Pakistan’s first dance themed film finally hit the theaters last weekend. On the outlook, the film has a fairly simple plot:...

Traditional Media vs. Social Media

In 1996, during one of the General Knowledge sessions conducted by my 6th grade teacher, we were told that a new technology, known as...