You’re A Born Mathematician If You Can Name These Shapes Correctly

sajal aly name these shapes

Can you name these ten shapes correctly? Well if you can, we’re sure you were forced to study Maths at some point in life…

Hexagonal Pyramid
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Hexagonal pyramids have 7 faces, 12 edges, and 7 vertices. The base is a hexagon. All of the other faces are triangular.

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Irregular Nonagon
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An irregular nonagon is a nine-sided shape that does not have equal sides or angles.

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Scalene triangles have no angles equal, and no sides of equal length.

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Rubik's Cube
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Icosahedron are a shape with 20 faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices. All the faces are triangles.

concave octagon
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A concave octagon has one of the angles pointing towards inside the polygon.

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Rhombuses (rhombi) have 4 equal sides. Both pairs of opposite sides are parallel.

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You're A Born Mathematician If You Can Name These Shapes Correctly
You're born to be a mathematician!

mehwish hayat

Numbers and shapes don't bother you! It is just a child's play for you!
Maths and you are not meant for each other!

iqra aziz

Yeah, why worry about numbers, angles, and stuff when you can google it anytime!
Maths was a compulsory subject,duh!

Shakeel Siddiqui

You're not fond of Maths. But thanks to the subject being compulsory that you still have a little knowledge stored in your brain!

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