You Gotta Watch This Pakistani Immigrant Mom’s Reaction To Meghan & Harry Abandoning Royal Life

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Ever since, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their decision to roll independent of the royal family, people have not come slow with their reactions.

This Pakistani immigrant mom for instance had the most hilarious response after Meghan and Prince Harry decided to step away from Royal duties.

She appreciated her move and encouraged other girls to “step up” for their rights.

Like most of our moms, this desi mom too was a huge fan of the late, Princess Diana. “Meghan must have made her mother-in-law (read Diana) very happy!”

According to her, Princess Diana would be lauding Megan from her grave saying, “Meghan jeeti raho. Yehi tou main chahti thi.

People are loving her response and having fun listening to her advice.

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This girl wants to have her analysis on every news from now on and we agree!

People are loving how she has described the situation quite perfectly while mocking the royals.

People are sending in all their love and hugs her way and ma’am please accept the same from our end!

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And if you’re not aware of what all this fuss is about just like Senator Sherry Rehman…

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 👇

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