Yasir Hussain Says Turkish Dramas Like Ertugrul Are A Threat And People Aren’t Happy With Him!

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Dirilis: Ertugrul is extremely popular in Pakistan these days and hence, has become a household name. Nevertheless, a few Pakistani actors have shown signs of insecurity and comedian Yasir Hussain seems to be the latest addition to the list.

Yasir Hussain Speaks Out Against Turkish Dramas Like Ertugrul Ghazi On Instagram

In his Instagram stories the actor wrote that “PTV should make a historic drama using our own actors and technicians. Those actors who pay their taxes and are capable. Imported clothes and Turkish dramas both can destroy the local industry.”

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The actor best known for his comic roles further added that “When your brother, sister, and father will be laid off and Turkish people will be given those jobs, maybe then you’ll understand what I’m seeing. PTV is national TV. Keep that in mind.”

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It is not the first time that Turkish content is being aired in Pakistan. Still, never before a drama played on state run PTV (in recent years) has received so much of appreciation.

Anway, Yasir’s perspective didn’t go too well with the Pakistani fans who were quick to criticize the 36 year old and yes, they weren’t too polite in saying what they had to!


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But of course, Yasir Had His Supporters Too!

Do you agree with what Yasir Hussain had to say about Ertugrul Ghazi or do you have a different perspective? Share your views in the comments below!


  1. Now may be yasir is facing difficult time in lock down he is newly married his expenses are increase thats why he is feeling he must have more work to run his home.please be sympathetic to him.🤔😱😉

  2. No I don’t agree with what yssir or for that matter shan shahid is saying . they are trying to show that they are more patriotic. Over the year what kind of dramas or movies they have produce except romance and Indian types of plays and dramas.

  3. I’m totally disagreed with him. If he has any issue with Turkish serials then he should learn something from them. They are promoting their culture, religion and history and what are we promoting?? Even our Pakistani serials are just trying to destroy our youth. Our serials promote useless fashion and trying to be modern. You know what is modernity? You are promoting western culture only. What our religion teaches us? You should just concentrate on your own industry. Try to improve it according to your culture and religion. If you all do this then no one can replace you.

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