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Can You Get An A+ On This Totally Random Knowledge Quiz


Which of the following is not a multiple of 8?

Maths Javatpoint
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What is the most populous country in the world?

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The Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of which country?

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How many alphabets are between L and S?

ABC Alphabets Pinterest
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Which substance is mostly used for pencil lead?

pencils BBC
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What is an obtuse angle?

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Which of these countries is not in Europe?

Europe WikiMedia
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What's the name of this adorable, mouse-like mascot of the Pokémon series?

Pikachu Pokemon Wiki
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How many seconds are in one day?

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Which vitamin is not found in eggs?

Eggs Unsplash
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Can You Get An A+ On This Totally Random Knowledge Quiz

You're incredibly lucky. I'm not asking you to obtain your parents' signature and return this quiz back to me. You really need to spend some more time with the books kid!

Good Job

You did a decent job on this quiz. Of course, I had to curve it, but with how tough these questions were, I believe you deserve a "good work" sticker.


Take a look at yourself, smarty pants! You passed this quiz without using any help, right? Did you cheat? Be honest. You're aware of the consequences of cheating on an internet quiz, right? There are none! However, you received your grade, congratulations!