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Can You Pass This 5th Grade Science Test, I Don’t Think So


Identify this planet.

Uranus Wikipedia
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How much oxygen is in the air we breathe?

Oxygen Symbol The Chemical Engineer
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Which of these is nonliving?

Plant Gardening Know How
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When you boil water, what happens to the water level?

Spirit Animal SpiritAnimal
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Plants use photosynthesis to produce what food or energy source?

Watering Plants Gardening Know How
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Which device do scientists use to measure earthquakes?

Cracked Road Earthquake AccuWeather
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What are animals without a backbone called?

ocean Freepik
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What attaches muscles to bones?

Muscles Drug Test Review
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What species can live on both water and land?

Land and Water Dreamstime
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Can You Pass This 5th Grade Science Test, I Don't Think So
You Failed.

Game Over

I completely understand. Science isn't easy. Take the exam again to see how you can increase your score!
Not Bad.

You didn't fail, but you still didn't get a reasonable score. Maybe you're smarter than a third-grader.

Congratulations Minions Celebrating

You aced this fifth-grade science test! Your science teachers would be very proud of you.