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Answer These Questions With All Honesty And We’ll Guess The Type Of Friend You Are.


When do your friends usually call you?

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If your friend was upset about something, what would you do?

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Choose a group activity.

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How do you start a conversation with a new person at school?

How would you spend the weekend with your friends?

What would you do if your friend is getting bullied?

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If you see someone alone. What do you do?

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When you can’t meet in person, how do you and your friends prefer to stay in touch?

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Finally, what do you most want from your friends?

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Answer These Questions With All Honesty And We'll Guess The Type Of Friend You Are.
The Mom

You're the kind of friend who always makes sure everybody is safe and has eaten properly! You're the one who organizes birthday funds, plans vacations, makes restaurant reservations, consoles broken hearts, and is the one everybody turns to when they're in a mess.
The Wise Friend

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You're a fantastic friend to have because you always know what to say and do when things get tense. You're an excellent advisor, and people always seek your advice when they have a problem. You're incredibly intelligent and always have a suggestion on how to improve things.
The Ghost

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You're the one your friends see the least of. It's not that you don't like them or that you want to stay anonymous; it's just that you love being alone just as much as you enjoy catching up with the gang.