With Intimate Videos Of Shaheen Afridi & Rabi Pirzada Leaked In One Day, Sane Pakistanis Want To Know WTF Is Going On?!

shaheen afridi rabi pirzada

With the Shaheen Afridi and Rabi Pirzada scandals overwhelming the Pakistani internet, the first of November turned out to be the most disturbingly unreal day of the year.

It started with multiple videos and pictures of singer, Rabi Pirzada leaked online. And just as Pakistanis, having the slightest hint of a conscious, began coming out in huge numbers to condemn such a heinous form of cyber crime….


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…another celebrity – this time cricketer – Shaheen Afridi found himself in a spot very similar to the songstress.

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From what is being called a “fake” handle of the infamous TikTok celebrity, Hareem Shah a sexually explicit video of Shaheen Afridi released towards the concluding hours of 1st November 2019.


Just as many netizens are demanding retribution in support of Rabi Pirzada, people are also wildly upset for Shaheen Afridi.

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Pakistanis, genuinely hit by the absurdity and sheer criminality of these leaked videos are trying to understand WTF is going on…?!


Truth be told, it has been the second consecutive day for Pakistan that was extremely heavy.

Only a day before the country saw more than 75 fellow Pakistanis perish in an unnecessary Tezgam train fire.

And the very next day, a section of the society seemed gripped with a wave of anxiety and serious data protection concerns sparked by the breach of the privacy of two high profile celebrities.

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Here’s hoping that Shaheen Afridi and Rabi Pirzada can one day – very soon – put the leaked video scandal behind them and are enabled by unconditional support to walk with their heads high.


  1. Who the hell are these people to leak anyone’s videos. Its a violation of privacy. Shall we assume that in the hands of these cyber bullies, nothing is safe. There is a thing called *Ethical Hacking* which is done by the government to keep their people safe. Then who the hell are these people to hack someone’s personal data and then, apnay kaalay kartooton ko chaar chaand laganay k liyay, upload it on social media. What the hell is going on in our country. If this be the reason the world humilates and ridicule Pakistan, then, I am ashamed to say, they are CORRECT. Dont we have any right of privacy in this country? We are citizens of Pakistan, and we should respect eachother’s space. If these hackes are sadists and enjoy these things, then i must say to them, and i hope my message reaches them, by all means, you hackers, uplaod your mobile data. Lets see what you have on your phones. If you are so much brave, OK then, you have an open challange from the nation of Pakistan, right now, this very second, upload your data. But seriously, we all know that you bloody losers won’t do it. You dont have the guts to do this. Peechay say waar karnay waalon ko hum buzdil kehtay hain. Aur agar yeh logon ka data upload kia hai to apnay naam bhi to show kartay na, ta k tum logon ka bhi duniya mein naam banta k tumhari jaisi awaam kissi hadh tak bhi girr sakti hai popularity k liyay. Likin afsoos, tumharay jaisay log to aasteen ka saanmp hotay hain. Tum logon ko is mulk nay panaah di hui hai aur issi ki izaat tum logon na ghaarat kar di hai. Pata nahin kaisay bay ghairat log hotay hai yeh. Seriously, damn them to hell. May they burn in the eternal fire of hell.🔥🔥🔥🔥😠😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬😡😤😤

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