Twitter Reactions: Pakistanis Want An End To Bigotry Following TLP’s Protests After The Asia Bibi Verdict

Asia Bibi verdict

History was made yesterday when a three member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted Asia Bibi who had spent almost 9 long years in solitary confinement after being framed for blasphemy following a personal dispute.

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The Aasia Bibi verdict immediately led to the exchange of congratulatory messages across Pakistani Twitter with people from all walks of life welcoming the court’s decision.

A number of Pakistanis shared how Aasia Bibi’s acquittal was in line with the principles of Islam and how it upheld the integrity of the religion that preaches kindness and justice above all.

However, this happiness was short lived as Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) soon began issuing statements that called for mutiny and murder. On the heels of the treacherously dangerous statements came protests by the supporters of Khadim Hussain Rizvi. Living by their tradition, TLP supporters began with blocking highways and important intersections across most cities in the country and resorted to damaging public property.

The rapidly deteriorating law and order situation propelled Prime Minister Imran Khan to address the nation last evening. In his widely hailed address, the Premier took a strong stance against TLP and the likes, warning them against challenging the writ of the state.

Despite Khan’s strong words, an uncertain and tense environment continues to persist across Pakistan with many cities experiencing a partial shutdown. There are also sporadic reports of skirmishes between law enforcers and the protesters while people’s ability to travel in many parts of  the country has been seriously compromised.

In the face of yet another incident of loud hate-mongering, Pakistanis are showing an unprecedented resolve against bigotry, demanding an end to the power of the radical forces.

One theme that is recurrent in the tweets of most Pakistanis is the call to reclaim Islam from those who have been allowed to keep the faith of more than 90% of the country hostage for their own vested interests.


While most Pakistanis are in a somber mood, there are of course those who have found a way to laugh despite the unfolding madness.

Whether the state will live take any decisive action against TLP and other entities that are visibly damaging Pakistan with their words and actions is yet to be seen. What is however crystal clear is that the majority of Pakistanis are fed-up of living under the shadow of the intolerant and radical.



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