Twitter Hacked: High Profile Accounts Including Apple, Uber, Elon Musk, Bill Gates Compromised In A Bitcoin Scam

twitter hacked
Source: Crowdfund Insider

On Wednesday, Twitter encountered a major security breach after which accounts of many prominent US figures were hacked.

Hackers took control of the accounts of major public figures and corporations, including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Kim Kardashian and Apple among many others.

All of the compromised accounts posted similar messages on Twitter asking people for donations which would later be doubled and reimbursed.

As per initial reports, the link displayed in the tweets of targeted accounts received hundreds of contributions totaling more than $100,000! More than 300 people fell for the scam in this short period of time.

Soon after the news surfaced, Twitter had to take an extraordinary step to intervene and stop all the verified accounts from any activity online.

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Twitter released an initial statement after taking control of the hacked accounts. The statement points at a “coordinated social engineering attack” carried out by targeting the site’s employees who had “access to internal systems and tools.”

Cybersecurity expert Rachel Tobac, the CEO of SocialProof Security said, “This is most likely the largest attack I’ve ever seen. We are extremely lucky that these attackers are monetarily motivated and not sowing mass chaos all over the world.”

Users are now questioning the security measures of the company after the scam exposed its vulnerability.