DeJaVu! TLP’s Nationwide Protests Hold Pakistan Hostage During The Pandemic

TLP nationwide protests
Image source: DAWN

Nationwide protests have once again erupted in Pakistan after TLP ( Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan) leader, Saad Rizvi was taken into custody by police in Lahore.

According to several reports, the TLP chief had been arrested over his demand for staging a country-wide sit-in on April 20, if the government did not expel the French ambassador from Pakistan. However, the reasons for his arrest are not yet clear.

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TLP declares protests and sit-ins

Following the arrest of their party leader, TLP workers gathered in crowds to stage protests and sit-in across multiple cities in Pakistan. This led to massive roadblocks and tearing apart public properties and pelting stones at police that is trying their best to keep the situation under control.

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Pakistan comes to a halt amidst this extremism

As the protests intensified, Pakistanis were left stuck on roads for hours on stretch. The routes that took them 20 minutes to reach work, or nearby grocery stores, they now reached there in double that time.

Pakistan is currently battling with the third wave of COVID-19. The positivity ratio is surging along with fatalities, and the situation is only intensifying by the minute. In the midst of all of this, TLP has staged a nationwide protest that has held Pakistan hostage. Due to roadblocks and traffic disruption, oxygen cylinders are unable to reach COVID patients.

The overall situation around the country seems rather dismal. It’s a dejavu like scene for Pakistanis every time these TLP workers decide to stage a protest. Whole country comes in a state of paralysis, there’s chaos every where, and the ordinary citizens suffer in silence, till the demands are met.