How People Of The Twin Cities Expressed Their Frustration Through Humor Amidst The Road Blocks And Zero Cellular Network Coverage

TLP Dharna Memes
Source: Twitter/Pro Pakistani

Memes came to the locals rescue as cellular networks were jammed and part of twin cities were blocked amidst the TLP dharna.

The announcement for turning off the services was was made by Ministry of Interior to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), a day prior to the suspension. Parts of the twin cities also faced some internet issues due to the ongoing situation.

It was quite a dismal situation for the locals as they navigated their way to work and homes. Several roads were barricaded with containers, forcing the residents to take alternative routes to their destinations. Some of them even complained about how after spending hours on roads, they went back home in vain.

One of the users complained how being a media person, she’s been through such situations in the past, but this time around she could not find any place to reach her office. To top that, there was no cellphone service available to communicate with any other person in this circumstance.

Since it was a Sunday, people travelled back to Islamabad/Rawalpindi from different cities via motorway, but stayed stuck on the roads for hours on end because there was no possible route to enter the Federal Capital of Pakistan.

Commenting on this depressing situation Dr. Abid Suleri said that one: the roads are blocked and two: there is no network coverage, so there’s literally no point of contact left at this point. He questioned the authorities for holding the city hostage.

Not much to do and say, the local residents took to the internet praying for positive news out of this whole situation.

This person here dug out tweets from the previous protests and prayed for them to come true soon; and hoped for the situation to end amicably.

It felt like living in the stone age where there was nothing to go to for news, and information and communication. No one had a clue as to what was going on since there was minimal media coverage about the protest.

Memes like these gave all a laugh or two during this crisis of a situation amidst the TLP dharna.

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We wish we had a clue.

It was a cold day, let them have a dose of Vitamin sunshine.

In this day and age, our systems, businesses, quite literally everything functions because of the internet. There is a need to stay connected for multiple purposes via calls or texts, but the world came to a halt for the residents of twin cities on 15th November, 2020.

Thankfully, things got back to normal after almost thirty-six hours of disconnection.

As the internet restored, news of negotiations were everywhere. People of the twin cities rejoiced as they got to know about the cellular networks are revived for good; and it all ended well.

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