As UK Plans To Go Into ‘Tier 5 Lockdown,’ Pakistan Reports First Cases Of UK Covid-19 Variant

Tier 5 lockdown

According to reports, Tier 5 lockdown could possibly be imposed in UK as coronavirus new variant cases are on the rise in the country. Meanwhile, Pakistan reports its first confirmed cases of UK Covid-19 strain.

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What does Tier 5 Lockdown Mean?

Tier 5 is basically a level higher than Tier 4, one that hasn’t been experienced ever. however, Government Scientists have reportedly asked PM Boris Johnson to implement harsher restrictions as new variant cases are spiraling out of control.

A source told Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express,

We are ruling nothing out, the new strain is of serious concern. Tier 4 appears to not be strong enough.

So far there is no confirmed news if the new lockdown will be called Tier 5, but people are predicting that it will mean a complete lockdown.

As fears rise with the news of tie 5 lockdown, natives are concerned about what the future has in store for them.

Not to forget that a real pressure is building up for the authorities as cases spike in UK, and they are considering to impose tougher restrictions. They have also told PM Johnson to keep schools closed in January.

In between all this news, the locals are voicing out their discontentment over harsher restrictions

While talks of new lockdown are going on in UK, fresh cases of UK Covid-19 new variant are appearing in other countries as well. Just today Pakistan reported its first confirmed cases of the new strain.

The Sindh Health department reported

With travelers are taking the new variant to different parts of the, many countries have fallen in the loop, with Pakistan being one of them. Travel has been banned from UK but this was before the ban took place. Whatever the reasons, this is indeed worrisome. Let’s see what this entails for Pakistan.

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