Prepare Iftar For Your Family And We’ll Reveal The Word That Describes You Most

Iftar Quiz
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Prepare Iftar for yourself and your family and we will reveal the word that describes you the most. Solve this quiz to find out now.

Pick a snack for Iftar.

Alu Samosa

Pick a chaat for Iftar

Dahi Bhallay
Fruit Salad

Pick some fruits for Iftar


Pick some more fruits.

mango/sugar-free mangoes Pakistan

Pick a drink for Iftar.

Cold Drinks
Glass of water
Are You More Doodh Or Jalebi Based On These Questions

Pick a dish for Iftar.

Tell Us A Bunch Of Random Things About Yourself And We'll Guess What Your Favorite Dish Is

Would you like to have another dish for Iftar?

Mutton Paya

Prepare Iftar For Your Family And We'll Reveal The Word That Describes You Most
Nothing can get past those eyes of yours. You're very mindful of other people's body gestures and way of speaking. You can quickly read other people's intentions, whether they are sincere or manipulative.
You pay extraordinary attention to detail and always put your heart and soul into everything you do. People think of you as dependable and dedicated, and you should be rewarded for your hard work.
You're an individual who is pretty comfortable with themselves and their lives. You're optimistic but you don't brag about. People around you always admire your calm attitude.

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