This Peshawar University Watchman Completes His M.Phil While On Job & That’s All The Motivation We Need

noor marjan Peshawar University Watchman
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Noor Marjan, who was appointed as the watchman at Agriculture University Peshawar 20 years ago has now completed his M.Phil from the same institute.

Despite earning a degree and completing his research on “Comparative analysis of tribal customs with customs of Hindu and Sikhs,” Noor Marjan complains how he’s still not able to get a job as per his qualification.

Noor Marjan never let anything come in the way of his education but shares that he sometimes gets very upset. He added, “But I can’t give it up because if I do, there is no other source of livelihood and my pension will be lost.”

In addition to being a watchman at Peshawar University, Noor Marjan also served as a janitor and Superintendent of Examinations in the same university.

While talking to Independent Urdu he requested the government and the university administration to give him a job that fits his qualification.

He said, “I have done M.Phil including B.Ed and M.Ed which is related to the field of education, so if I cannot be a lecturer then at least I should be given the duty of a teaching assistant.”

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People on social media are rooting for Noor Marjan while urging the university’s administration to give him a job based on his qualification.

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