These 10 Underrated Websites Will Keep You Entertained


Have you ever noticed yourself staring at your computer screen and not knowing what to do? Or maybe you scrolled through social media for so long that you’re just not seeing any new content? Say no more, we have shortlisted some underrated websites that will help you pass time.

Radio Garden

This site literally allows you to hear different radio stations from around the world. It’s a great way to pass time as well as learn about the culture of other countries.

PDF Drive

You can literally download and read any book you like. All you have to do is type its name and what’s even cooler, its FREE.


This site can make you a Photo Editor in a matter of seconds. You just upload your picture and it gets rid of the background. Only the subject then is visible.

The Noun Project

Do you need an icon for something and have no time to do it yourself? Individuals from all over the world create and upload them. An amazing resource for graphic designers. Icons are available in SVG or JPEG, and now they also have stock pictures.

Lightning Maps

This site tells you where a lightning has struck anywhere in the world. It’s useful for tracking if there’s a thunderstorm nearby.

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If you’re a university student and you need access to paid online journals, this is the website you need. You put the journal’s DOI in and it gives you access to it. Great page, really helpful for one’s studies.


This website is useful when you see a word in another language (or your own!) and want to know how it’s pronounced in different accents/dialects or how it sounds. People record the words they say and upload them to their general location.

Toffee Share

This app lets you share files without a size limit and it is encrypted too!

Future Timeline

Ever wanted to know what might happen in the future. This website shows all the possible events that can take place on Planet Earth.

A Soft Murmur

All sorts of soothing background noises, such as rain, wind, birdsong, waves, and rolling thunder, can be played. To make your perfect background mix, you can also overlay them, which is perfect if you want to relax with the gentle sounds of a coffee shop on fire, lol.