The Least Offensive Memes We Could Find After India Was 36 All Out Against Australia

India 36 all out
Source: News18

December 19, 2020 is a day that may take a while to sink in with Indian cricketers taking part in the Adelaide Test as India stumbled to 36 all out – their lowest total in Test cricket.

The batting was completely exposed by the extra bounce generated by Aussies pacers.

The Indian cricket team, led by Virat Kohli is facing its worst hour of embarrassment after the devastating inning.

Meme-makers are not coming slow & it was genuinely hard to find memes that were not outright offensive!

Firdous Baji Ki Tez Raftaar

India’s highly ranked batsmen fell like nine pins with not even one player able to reach double figures.

O yikes! This is brutal…!!

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Pakistanis are using the Indian misery to settle the score pending from the troll attack after the first Pakistan vs New Zealand T20.

Jaisa Karogay Wesa Bharogay

After a decent 53-run first innings’ lead, India, the Indian batting line-up on the third day collapsed without warning leaving fans and commentators alike stunned.

Maro Bhai.. Mujhe Maroo – yeah, sounds about right!

No one saw this coming…but as they say, “Jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi aur jo hota woh buhat bura hota hai…”

The Indian inning made for a different kind of end-of-the-year sale.

Quick trivia: It is the lowest Test total since New Zealand were bowled out for 26 in 1955.

Speaking at the post-match presentation, a very dismayed Virat Kohli said “It’s very hard to put my feelings into words. We collapsed completely. When you work hard for two days, then literally an hour puts you in a position where it’s impossible to win, it really hurts.”

Batsmen be Like: Mujhe Pavilion Jana Hai

Australia is now leading by 1-0 in the four-match series. The second Test in Melbourne begins on 26 December.

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