The Initial Report Of The PIA Plane Crash Is Out; Lays Blame On Human Error

PIA plane crash karachi 2020 report
Source: Dawn

The preliminary investigation report of the recent PIA plane crash was handed over to the Aviation Division on Monday. As per the findings investigators blamed human error for the crash.

These findings will be shared with the Parliament on Wednesday June 24, 2020 as stated by Federal Minister for Avia­tion Ghulam Sarwar Khan.

In the aftermath of the PIA plane crash, the federal government had appointed a team headed by Air Commodore Mohammad Usman Ghani to investigate the reasons behind the tragedy.

Moreover, Airbus, the European aerospace company, had also sent an 11-member delegation to Pakistan to assist in the course of the investigation.

The flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR) were also decoded in France and a report was duly submitted to the inquiry committee.

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The hashtag #PIAPlaneCrash began trending as soon as the preliminary findings of the report began doing rounds on local media.

Twittertati had a mixed take on the findings. Some felt that pinning the blame on the pilot was the easiest way out.

However, many seemed to endorse the findings of the report. Nusrat Hussain, a former PIA pilot noted that these finding were anticipated.

Another aviator Azam Jamil noted that Air Traffic Control (ATC) will have to share some blame for the PIA plane crash. 

While all of this is open to debate, one must understand that “too err is human” and perhaps sometimes these mistakes can be fatal. However, we must introspect and learn from these tragedies. It is imperative that PIA management does not close the case after submitting this report and takes corrective measures in the light of the findings.

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