Take This Difficult Trivia Quiz If You Absolutely Love K-Pop

Kpop Trivia Quiz
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This fun Kpop Trivia Quiz will test your knowledge of Kpop. All you have to do is answer these following questions. Good Luck!

How many members are in the Kpop band Stray Kids?

Stray Kids
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What does the K in K-Pop stand for?

BTS South Korean Band
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How many members are there in NCT?

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Which Kpop band name is fake?

TXT Kpop Band
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Which group does K-Pop idol Felix belong to?

Felix Stray Kids
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Which group sings 'Bboom Bboom'?

Bboom Bboom MoMoLand

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How old is Jimin?

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What is Rosé’s real name?

Rose Blackpink
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Which one is an itzy song?

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What does TXT stand for?

TXT Logo
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Take This Difficult Trivia Quiz If You Absolutely Love K-Pop
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