Some Journalists Are Defending Hassan Nisar’s Abusive Off-Screen Video But Pakistanis Are Not Having It

Hassan Nisar

A couple of days ago a video of senior journalist and political analyst, Hassan Nisar went viral in which he was seen using foul language for a female colleague.

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Since Nisar is famous for lecturing his viewers on ethics and morality, the leaked video had left many of his fans shell-shocked.

Disgusted with Nisar’s despicable choice of words, many took to Twitter to condemn him.

Just when condemnation started pouring in, another senior journalist, Matihullah Jan felt the need to defend Nisar’s behaviour. 

Jan’s argument was that since the conversation had taken place off-camera, it was “unethical” to leak the video.

As soon as Matihullah Jan sent out the tweet, he was bombarded with a barrage of tweets that called him out for having double standards.

Jan was not the only journalist who tried to do damage control on Hassan Nisar’s behalf.

However, each attempt was met with resistance. What was most heartening was the fact that not just women, but a huge number of men made it a point to denounce abusive workplace environment, especially when the abuse is directed towards a woman.

Despite such outrage, there’s little reason to expect an apology or corrective action. In fact the whole episode is already being labelled as a “political conspiracy” to defame Hassan Nisar.

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This of course makes no sense at all. The only person responsible for “defaming” Nisar is Hassan Nisar himself. If he does not have the maturity and integrity to keep his filthy vocabulary in control, he also has no right to preach ethics and morality to his viewers. It is his own double-standards that have become his enemy; nothing more, nothing less.