Sindh High Court Approves A Compromised Order In Hameed Haroon & Jami Case

Jami Haroon
Image Source: DAWN

In a petition for ‘Perpetual and Mandatory Injunction and Damages,’ brought by the plaintiff in 2020, the Sindh High Court (SHC) approved a compromised order on separate pleas moved by plaintiff Hameed Haroon and defendant Jamshed Raza Mehmood, alias Jami.

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SHC Judge Hasan Azhar Rizvi approved the order, which took effect on October 7, 2021, in the presence of the plaintiff’s attorney Faisal Siddiqui and the defendant’s attorney Asad Iftikhar, the Express Tribune reported.

According to the terms of the order, Jami has agreed “not to make, circulate, or publish any defamatory statements against the plaintiff, including and similar to allegations that the plaintiff is a rapist and/or has engaged in sexual assault/violence or sexual harassment” through himself or anyone acting on his behalf.

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“Jami has permanently erased his accounts on social media, including, but not limited to, Twitter and Facebook,” the order said, adding, “Should Jami reactivate and/or create the abovementioned accounts, he shall rigorously comply with the above-mentioned paragraph.”

“Hameed Haroon agrees not to manufacture, circulate, or publish any defamatory statements regarding Jami, either directly or through any person acting on his behalf,” the ruling stated.

“The instant provisions agreed herewith between the parties are without prejudice to their respective stance in the [current] proceedings,” the ruling continued.

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In December 2019, director Jamshed Mahmood, who had claimed in October that he was raped 13 years ago by a “media tycoon,” named Haroon as his alleged rapist.

He made the accusations through his social media platforms.

Haroon, on the other hand, stated, “The story is actually untrue and purposely fabricated at the instance of those who desire to suppress me and, through me, to compel the newspaper that I represent to embrace their repressive narrative.”

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