Shahveer Jafry Gets Schooled For Making Fun Of A Man Driving A Car Without A Windscreen

Shahveer Jafry vlog
via Twitter

In his latest vlog, Shahveer Jafry added a snippet of a man who was driving a car without a windscreen. His fans were grandly offended when the YouTuber made fun of the poor man’s misery forcing him to conceal his identity from Jafry’s camera.

People are now schooling Shahveer Jafry for poking fun at the poor man’s misery.

It is not funny instead sheds light on the classist behavior that people don’t recognize, wrote Mariam Chughtai.

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Just for the sake of views, he failed to realize that he was in fact humiliating a man who was already in a very uncomfortable situation given the absence of the windscreen and the rain!

Yeah, Shahveer, didn’t you see the man did not want to be filmed?

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Shahveer Jafry hasn’t commented on the issue even after the outrage on his latest vlog.

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