Riaz’s Mixed Fortunes Make Way for Interesting Reactions on Twitter

Wahab Riaz
Image Source: ESPN Cricinfo

Wahab Riaz missed his run up five times in a row during the second day of the Dubai Test. The embarrassing episode resulted in all kinds of speculations. Most people believed that the incident should prove to be the last nail in the coffin and that there was no way he will be able to make a comeback now. However, he came back strongly the next day to claim three wickets in three overs.

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Here is a look at how Riaz’s mixed fortunes made way for some very interesting reactions on Twitter.

So, the coach was upset for sure!


But Mickey’s reactions were different the next day!


Mickey’s reactions in a nutshell!


This is because India has to be trolled no matter what!


Some were surprised, some praised the speedster for a remarkable comeback and still, there were some who thought it was once in a blue moon scenario!


He did bowl a few no balls but trolling Mann Mayl while watching cricket; seriously?


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