Remembering Senator MushahidUllah Khan Through His 3 Iconic Speeches

Mushahid Ullah Khan speeches
Image Source: Samaa Tv

Senator Mushahidullah Khan will be remembered for his iconic speeches in the senate, where he regularly left his fellow speakers speechless with his words.

PML-N Senator Mushahidullah Khan passed away at the age of 68 in Islamabad on Thursday. The news was confirmed by PML-N leaders Muhammad Zubair and Maryam Nawaz Sharif. The cause of his death was not immediately clear, but he had been sick for some time.

Let’s have a look at some of his iconic speeches in the senate.

Mushahidullah Khan vs Faisal Javed Khan

Senator and PTI lawmaker, Faisal Javed Khan came to blows during the former’s fiery speech in the senate. During his speech, Mushahidullah Khan alleged that PM Imran Khan used to travel to London, Jati Umra, and Jeddah to seek funds from the Sharif brothers for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMT). Calling Khan a thief, he alleged that Khan used to dedicate five to ten percent of it to the SKMT and would keep the rest of it for himself.

This triggered the lawmaker and he stood up to his leader’s defense, consequently leading to a rift between the two of them. Despite repeated efforts from Javed, Khan stood his ground and did not let the former’s words deter him.

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Faisal Javed Khan even tweeted about his multiple debates with the deceased, while condoling his death.

Mushahidullah Khan on “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”

Speaking against the ever-triggering and most used slogan at the Aurat March, Mera Jism Meri Marzi, Khan said that this does not make any sense. He was also of the opinion that the differences between the two sexes are not man-made, adding that this slogan tries to blur the gap between the two. Terming the slogan as derogatory, he said that marchers who use it must first attack their fathers and husbands before raising their voices against the opposite gender.

Mushahidullah Khan said that the NGOs that are trying to perpetuate this notion have their vested interests. They are paid by the West and that’s who they follow and support, nothing else.

Senator on the Income Disparities

Calling out the ruling government for increasing the gap between the poor and the rich, Mushahidullah Khan said that more Pakistanis have gone below the poverty line in PTI’s era. Stating President’s monthly income, he said that I have no issues with the figure of his salary, my only issue is with the disparity. He further stated that if President Arif Alvi is getting a monthly income of around 9 lacs, then the government officers of groups 1 and two should at least get 10% of it.

Senator said that before proposing the budget, the ruling government should work towards bridging the income disparities. The lower income groups in both government and private sectors should be provided salaries that suffice them, and help them get through inflation.

PML-N senator’s death was condoled by several notable politicians.

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