Ramiz Raja Suggests Resuming Cricket Behind Closed Doors

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Pakistan’s former captain, Ramiz Raja in a You Tube video suggested resuming cricket behind closed doors and hence, here is a look at what he had to say.

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The Impact of Corona Virus And Lock Downs

Ramiz Raja Makes a Valid Point on Twitter, Ramiz Raja Closed Doors
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While discussing the impact of corona virus and lockdowns world-wide Ramiz Raja said, “We all know that coronavirus has brought life to a standstill. Unless a vaccine can be created, we can only defeat it through social distancing and precautionary measures. Pakistan is trying to start industries in a bid to start the economy again. No country can survive in a perpetual lockdown. This would be a disaster. I believe the cricket industry needs to re-open as well.”

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Ramiz Raja’s Suggestion Of Resuming The Game Behind Closed Doors

Ramiz Raja Closed Doors
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The 57 year old suggested that the game should be allowed to resume behind closed doors. While elaborating the matter he said, “I think the PCB should work with its fellow boards to generate activities behind closed doors. The fans are thirsty for cricket. They have been stuck at homes on lockdown. Getting cricket activities in their homes would be a great option for everyone.”

Abu Dhabi Test Between Pakistan and Australia, Pakistan’s Test Series In Australia, Ramiz Raja Closed Doors
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Pakistan’s former opening batsman while concluding the conversation said, “Australia is already talking about its series with India. They are trying to hold five Test matches behind closed doors. Pakistan too can start planning about the future. The mindset to restart everything is already being made and cricket should also be started again. If fans cannot attend then holding it behind closed doors is an option.”