PSL 5: Lahore Qalandars Secure 3rd Spot & The Memes Are Lit As Usual

Lahore Qalandars memes | Fawad Rana
Via @Tweetbybilal

Lahore Qalandars just secured the third spot in PSL 5 after beating Peshawar Zalmis by five wickets.

Now say “MashAllah” because nazar na lagay!


It’s not just Lahoris who’re going on a bhangra spree, the whole country is bucking up the underdogs!

I mean dude(!), Qalandars winning a match.. well yeah, that can can happen! But Qalandars climbing to the third spot on the points’ table – THAT’S DEFINITELY A FIRST!

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With all the celebration around Lahore Qalandars’ performance, fans can’t resist making hilarious memes and brag about the win!

Seeing Lahore Qalandars in the top three is a moment many fans waited for but honestly, no one actually thought that this day would ever come!

And obviously Fawad Rana is a recurring fixture in these memes because the dude has suffered a A LOT!

Remember, when Lahore Qalandars used to be at the bottom…yeah, gone are those days!

Was Rana sahib not the team’s good luck charm?!

When you realise Lahore Qalandars kay record main tabdeeli a chuki hy!

This man’s patience is unmatchable! I mean, my own parents would’ve kicked me out if I were anywhere near LQ’s record of failing.

But we really need to dig into what has changed? How has this happened? Someone please investigate!

This would be Fawad Rana after witnessing yesterday’s victory!

Okay, so seriously what should he do? It’s a really big decision and there is no in between!

Can you believe that other teams are actually worried about playing against Lahore Qalandars?!

Yeh din bhi aana tha!

Fingers crossed until the next match guys!