Policemen Intimidated A Lahori Woman At Midnight For Living Alone & Then This Happened

policemen intimidate woman
Source: Global Village Space

On Tuesday, a woman shared the ordeal she went through when a group of policemen tried to intimidate her only because they thought that she was an easy target as she lived alone in an apartment in Lahore.

At midnight, seven policemen showed up at Haiya Bokhari’s house saying that it was a search operation and they needed to see her identity card.

After seeing a different address on her CNIC, the policemen inquired about why she was living alone when she had a family residence listed on her ID.

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Pissed off at the behavior of these policemen from Nishtar Police Station, the woman then called a lawyer friend for support.

They went on to talk to her landlady and threatened the women with a FIR for illegal tenancy.

By now, it became a little obvious that these policemen were there to scare the ladies and get some money out of them. Sadly for the men, they were asked to contact the society administration to have their “concerns” addressed.

After their failed attempt to scare the lady they left and that’s when she realized how they might’ve been working in collusion with the society guard.

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Shaken by the incident, the woman then highlighted how easily women living alone are targeted by those in power.

She made sure to contact the DSP of the police station to report the incident that stressed her and her family without any reason at all.

She later shared that the culprits were suspended and thanked the SP Model Town and SHO at Nishtar for providing support and taking action against these policemen.

What are your thoughts on as these policemen getting suspended after trying to intimidate this amazingly brave woman in Lahore? Share your views in the comments below!