“Olive Plantation Campaign To Obtain Foreign Exchange & Ensure Food Security In Pakistan,” Says PM Imran Khan

Imran Khan Olive plantation
Image Source: PM Office's Twitter

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched a countrywide olive plantation drive in the Nowshera district of KPK on Monday.

Premier Khan, who is an avid believer and supporter of a clean environment, keeps taking steps to make Pakistan clean and green. Last year in August, he gave an open invitation to Pakistanis to participate in the biggest tree planting campaign in the country which was part of the 10 billion tree tsunami project.

Even the UK’s Environment Minister, Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park praised Pakistan’s efforts in combating climate change through its ambitious tree-planting project.

After the billion trees’ campaign showed successful results and garnered praise from the United Nations, Prime Minister has launched another initiative of olive cultivation under the same project.

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Not only did he launch the program, but he also planted an olive sampling at the inauguration.

In his address at the inauguration ceremony, PM Khan expressed that he has high hopes attached to the intervention. He explained further that he’s positive the countrywide olive cultivation would prove to be a fruitful investment for Pakistan in terms of bringing valuable foreign exchange and combatting food insecurity.

The Premier underscored that Pakistan can become one of the largest exporters of olive by applying the Miyawaki technique that the Japanese use to get dense greenery at a faster than usual pace.

He also mentioned that the plantation drive will bring employment opportunities for the youth of Pakistan due to the long life of the fruit.

“The plantation drive will save our future generations from the hazards of environmental changes,” Premier Khan, said while urging the youngsters to take part in the plantation drives across the country.

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