Plan Your Daily Tasks And We’ll Reveal The Google App You Should Use

Google App Quiz
Source: Peta Pixel, How to Geek, Healthline & Food Network.

This fun quiz will give you a Google App to use, all you have to do is plan your daily tasks. Solve this quiz to find out now!

Pick a daily task.

Washing Dishes

Pick a daily task.

Feeding Pets
Doing Laundry
Preparing Meals

Pick a daily task.

Cleaning Bathroom
Dusting Table
Washing Bedding

Pick a daily task.

Mopping Floors
Watering Plants
Mowing the Lawn

Pick a daily task.

Weeding the Garden
Taking out trash
Wash the car

Pick a daily task.

Washing Window
Giving Cat Bath

Pick a daily task.

Changing Filters
Cleaning Blinds
Vacuum Curtains

Pick a daily task.

Folding Clothes
Clean Garage
Setting the table

Plan Your Daily Tasks And We'll Reveal The Google App You Should Use
Google Maps

Google Maps

Imagine how the world would've looked like today only if Alexander the Great had Google Maps! And no, no, we're certainly not suggesting that you embark on a mission to colonize the Earth but using Google Maps might help make-up for your otherwise unremarkable navigation skills!
Google Play

Google Play

Since you seem like someone who enjoys trying new things, Google Play is just the app for you. Every time you're bored and the existing apps on your phone seem repetitive, go take a deeeep dive into Google Play and we're sure you'll find more than one thing to capture your interest.
Google Photos

Google Photos

You like to save your memories in a safe place where you can visit every now and then to relive them. And since we don't have access to Dumbledore's Pensieve, Google Photos seems like the best available, muggle option to help you do just that!

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