People Threaten To Burn Their Utility Bills After Peshawar University Denies Basic Salary To Its Employees

Peshawar university salary
Image Source: DAWN

University of Peshawar(UoP) notified its employees that they would only be able to get their basic salary for the month of January on 1st February, 2021. They were informed that the oldest KPK varsity was unable to pay their salary due to financial crunch.

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According to a report by DAWN, UoP will not be able to entertain house rent, ad hoc, PhD, entrainment, orderly and conveyance allowances, and other perks for its staff members.

Several reports suggested that varsity was already under financial pressure, but with the onset of Covid-19 the situation has aggravated. The reports also explained how UoP is running short on funds and the pensions of retired employees is adding to the crisis.

Dr. Yurid Ahsan Zia, registrar at the varsity told that the crisis could have been managed to some extent with new admissions. However, with the onset of the pandemic, students have either left the university or are taking admissions in universities nearest to them.

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Social Media Outrage

As soon as the notification hit the internet, Pakistanis took to Twitter to express their concerns, disappointment and rage over the news. Most of them threatened to burn their utility bills, reasoning that without salaries no bills can be paid.

While expressing her concerns, one of the users even went on to share her ‘whopping’ electricity bill for the month of January.

‘When the PM can do it, so why will he stop us from doing so?’ said one of the disappointed users, supporting the stance on burning the bills.

This news has come at a time when inflation rates are on a rise and when people just cannot deal with salary cuts anymore.

Meanwhile, some of them tried to pacify the whole situation.

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