#PakistanShocksIndia As Imran Khan Beats Virat Kohli In The Last Second Of The ICC Poll

Icc poll Khan Kohli
Image Source: Op India

#PakistanShocksIndia has been trending across Twitter because of a poll run by International Cricket Council (ICC), in which they asked Twitter users to pick the best cricket captain from Virat Kohli, Imran Khan, Meg Lanning and AB de Villiers.

“Captaincy proved a blessing for some extraordinary cricketers. Their averages improved as leaders. You decide which of these ‘pacesetters’ were the best among these geniuses!” ICC Tweeted.

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Twitter stormed with memes as former Pakistani cricket captain and current Prime Minister Imran Khan edge past skipper of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, in the last minute of the poll. Khan won the poll by getting 47.3pc votes, while Kohli managed to get 46.2pc votes.

And quite reasonably, Pakistani Twitterati couldn’t hold back from celebrating this win against the arch-rival India.

The dopamine levels were so high that even PTI posted about it!

With Zulfi Bokhari not holding back!

This news got so HUGE that ARY ran it as a breaking news. WOW!


And Once A champion, always a champion feels tau banti hain!!!

How could they not bring ‘Kohli, nahi hota tujhse chase’ back!

Some Abhinandan jokes were also cracked, cus why not!?

Indians couldn’t hold back their tears.


As they saw Kohli lose to Khan in ICC poll…


And as expected Indians just couldn’t digest the fact that Pakistani PM defeated their current cricket captain in the competition.

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