ICC Might Allow Ball-tampering Because Of COVID-19

ICC Ball-tampering COVID-19
Image Source: Wisden

COVID-19 is fast changing our life style world-wide and cricket then is no different where the ICC (International Cricket Council) is seriously considering the probability of making ball-tampering legal.

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But What Really Is The Issue?

ICC Ball-tampering COVID-19
Image Source: www.cricket.com.au

Bowlers and fielding sides traditionally use saliva to polish cricket balls. Now with COVID-19 around, that hardly seems to be an option. Bowlers and fielders then are likely to become vulnerable to the pandemic if they continue to shine the ball using conventional methods that require one to touch the tongue before applying the saliva on the ball.

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Is Allowing Ball-tampering The Only Solution For ICC Post COVID-19

ICC Ball-tampering COVID-19
Image Source: Geo Super

Perhaps, yes! The balance between bat and ball is likely to suffer big time if bowlers are unable to maintain the ball condition one way or the other. With traditional methods becoming unsafe; ICC apparently has little choice but to allow the bowlers to shine the ball while using polish etc. There seems no other way how fielding sides can ensure decent performances across formats.

So, what do you suggest? Should the ICC give in because of COVID-19 and make ball-tampering legal to ensure a better balance between the bat and ball?