Pakistanis Share What It Takes To Be Rich & IMO It’s Time For A Privilege Check!

Check your privilege
Image source: DAWN

People worldwide actively engaged in a ‘Check Your Privilege’ challenge following a TikTok trend and Pakistanis have only just joined in.

As humans, we naturally never really ponder upon our privileges unless we come across someone who isn’t as entitled as we are. If only we start counting our privileges will we realize the struggles of those who aren’t as blessed as we are!

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A Twitter user recently asked a question similar to this and we can tell Pakistanis are surely supremely privileged by looking at their answers.

This is Oshaz, a Twitterati who asked her fellow users, “What’s the minimum you need to have in order to be considered “rich”?”

And people weighed in…

Having an Ads Free YouTube is certainly next level rich in a country where only 35% percent of citizens have access to the internet.

OMG, that’s way out of millions of Pakistanis’ leagues because of the prevalent income disparities. So yeah, that’s definitely rich!

With millions of Pakistanis not having a roof over their head and going to bed on an empty stomach, that certainly is a privileged lifestyle. Kudos to Pakistanis for being honest.


There’s a whole checklist of statements on Buzzfeed that has many of these items that this user has listed here.

Only when you get on to filling that list do you come to know of your privileges. Having to live with your parents and not worrying about paying your bills is a privilege that many middle-class and upper-middle-class Pakistani kids don’t even consider as one.

Definitely, a privilege check because millions around the world skip a meal only to save for their transport fare.

Only 6.2% of Pakistanis own personal cars so that will definitely be a whole lotta privilege if we start counting.


Oh well, millions go to bed hungry, so yeah!

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