Pakistanis Are Sharing Their Coming Of Age Stories On Twitter & They’re Quite Something

Pakistanis coming of age stories
Image Source: Express Tribune, Twitter, Mirror UK

Pakistanis are having a discourse over their coming of age stories on Twitter, and it’s really entertaining to read all of them.

A few of them have had quite some wild experiences in their lives, which they’ve shared with the rest of the social media users.

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One user drew parallels between traditions in the UK and Pakistan. She recounted how intact moralities back home stay intact, while in the west, it’s easier to fall prey to the “RocknRolla” customs.

Another one narrated her sneak-out-went-wrong story.

Graduate kar lo, life set ho jaye gi” is a scam, guys.

Then there were those who unveiled the dark evils of our society. They talked about how abuse is an endless cycle.

Life changed for this one when she was, she experienced hijabophobia and Islamophobic slurs from her classmates because she didn’t adapt to the westernized ways.

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This one’s coming of age story is one that most of us not-so-gutsy Pakistanis can relate to. How we often have to concoct stories to seek permission for going out with friends.

There were some coming out of the closet stories as well.

This one did something really adventurous for her age, i.e., TWELVE!

Ooh, we have a chori chori, chupke chupke pyaar karein ge entry here!

Last, but not least, is hazaron Pakistanio ka sentiment: life mein kiya nothing wild, because you had amma, abba ka danda!


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