Pakistani Twitter Ups Its Meme Game Ahead Of #PDMJalsa

pdm jalsa

The Pakistan Democratic Movement, better known as PDM is all over the show with preps for the Gujranwala Jalsa in full swing.

But the meme factories have taken the lead and man hilarious stuff!

1. Some BTS that you might not had a chance to see!

2. It’s all according to the “theme” you know!

3. Jic the roads are blocked, here’s plan B.

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4. That’s how we’re gonna party in front of our TV screens.

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5. Oooops the flashback is spot on!

6. That’s how it works!

7. It’s gonna be a big day ahead!

8. Instructions straight from the PM!

9. Don’t worry if you don’t have an invitation! We’ve one for you!

10. The govt. killin’ us with its plan…

11. Truly inspired by Ertugrul…

12. Nvm, Indian media itself is a meme!

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